Getting a Grasp on Business in a Fast-Paced Environment

Business trends tend to generate a lot of attention. For the most part the industry tends to operate in a fairly conservative manner. If an idea is going to change the way that people do business then it’s almost a given that it will have to be thoroughly tested first. That’s one of the reasons why so many people tend to watch the trailblazers of the business world. There’s only a few people out there taking extreme risks. But when those risks pay off, and are successfully repeated, than it’s a sure bet that it’ll become standard business practice in a while. This also means that people have the chance to get in ahead of everyone else by keeping track of these test runs.

One of the most important of them is happening right now in New York. People often forget just how important communication can be in any given business practice. In reality it’s one of the foundations of any business practice. One simply needs to think of the classics such as the handshake deal to realize how important communication can be. The act of negotiating a deal is of obvious importance. However, there’s far more subtle things that carry just as much significance.

A huge amount of the information exchanged during conversation is nonverbal. There’s good reason why so few places allow employees to telecommute every day. It might be easy to fit into a company’s setup on a technical level. But it’s far more often the case that there’s just something lacking on a social level that will reduce productivity. This is the case for almost any general business practice. No matter how solid something might seem when removed from standard social interaction it usually won’t work out very well on a practical level. There’s just too much being said with just a look or a shrug.

However, this is the exact trend that’s really capturing people’s attention. For the first time people are really starting to design business settings around proven scientific facts about communication. One of the best examples of this has to do with architecture. Some venture capitalists have begun buying larger multi-story offices. It’s not just for their own use either. They’re essentially setting up their own business in one portion of that larger structure. And then they can invite in the people they’re interested in working with.

This can be better understood by considering the role of environment on a plant’s seed. When someone plants a seed, it’s obvious that the seed itself is important. But a seed without soil won’t typically be able to produce much of real worth. The seed needs to be nurtured by sunlight, get nutrients from the soil, have enough water and just in general receive what it needs to thrive. The standard business or business person is like that as well. The seed of a good business idea is certainly important. However, much like any other seed it needs a nurturing environment to thrive. And this is the exact principle that these venture capitalists are hoping to work with.

Some estimates show that any random venture capitalists project will have about 25% of the success come as a result of social factors. By carefully constructing an environment it should be possible to automatically add in that 25% to any business venture. The venture capitalists simply host the offices of the business they’re helping with. These newcomers gain all the help that comes with a good environment. They also have the advantage of their financial and business mentor always being on hand. This all comes together to form one of the most interesting new business trends. One might consider it to be the architecture of success.

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